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Coinbase external account text

bitcoin-info-reddit.site › Executive Suite. (Another Bitcoin scam text sent to an iPhone user. Image: Supplied). Frighteningly, Savvides says it isn't necessarily your bank account details.

Backups can be exported from a wallet or imported to a wallet. Export: The process of creating coinbase external account text file containing a wallet's private key data.

Import: The process of gaining control of Bitcoin via an exported backup. Wallets can import private keys via text files or QR code scanning. Bitcoin is not stored locally on your phone or laptop. This means if you lose your phone or buy a new laptop coinbase external account text can coinbase external account text your Bitcoin by importing your key s from a previously exported backup.

With a backup, you are able to recover your Bitcoin at any time by importing the private keys associated with that wallet from the backup. If you have not coinbase external account text done so, please go ahead and backup your wallet. If you do not backup your wallet and store this information somewhere safe you run the risk of losing all bitcoins on that address in the event click to see more you lose or damage the device on which your wallet is installed.

Once you have a backup, you are ready to proceed. Exporting your Just click for source. Next tap on the settings cog coinbase external account text the top right of your screen.

Crypto Withdrawals - general information

Select "More Options". Now select "Export Wallet" from the list. A good passphrase is one that is click difficult for others to guess, but easy for you to remember.

Do not select well-known quotes or sayings. The Bitcoin. This is because coinbase external account text your wallet involves exposing your private keys coinbase external account text the system clipboard, or worse, sending your private keys unencrypted by email.

You can also chose to export your wallet without the private keys.

How to import and export Bitcoin private keys

To do this just tap on "Show Advanced Options" and check the "Do not include private key" option.

Please note that you will not be able to spend from coinbase external account text wallet without the private key. Exporting via QR Code The QR code method of exporting your wallet is best suited for quickly exporting a wallet and then immediately importing it onto another device via QR code scan.

If you have more than 1 sub-wallet in your Bitcoin. This will display your private key QR code be coinbase external account text, anyone coinbase external account text scans this will have access to your wallet.

Coinbase external source text just scan the QR code with your new phone and you will have the same wallet on your new device.

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Importing private key text to your Coinbase external account text. Select Import wallet. Paste the backup into the text field, then enter the password for this wallet. Press Import Wallet. If you pasted the backup code correctly and entered the correct password your bitcoin wallet will be imported.

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A popup window will be shown if your password was incorrect, or source code coinbase external account text improperly pasted.

Importing a private key using a QR code The QR code method of exporting your wallet is best suited for quickly exporting a wallet and then immediately importing it onto another coinbase external account text via QR code scan.

This will display your QR code be careful, anyone who scans this will have access to your wallet.

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On the destination device, simply tap the Scan tab to open your camera. Align the QR code within the frame until it syncs. Select "Import" to complete the process. Once you verify this worked and your wallet shows up on the destination device, you can delete the old wallet and destroy the old device or wipe it for resale.

Remember to take basic security precautions. Always do this in a private, secure room or space. The QR code, if seen, can be photographed coinbase external account text scanned by others in coinbase external account text. Importing a private key using the word recovery phrase This method of importing a private key involves using your hand-written word "seed" phrase that you can obtain from the backup process within the Bitcoin.

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For coinbase external account text refresher on how to coinbase external account text your backup seed phrase, see our Bitcoin. Type in the Recovery Phrase usually a string of 12 words into the appropriate text field at the top of the page.

Press Import. This completes the guide to importing see more private read article s into your Bitcoin.

If you have coinbase external account text further questions visit our Support Help Center. Was this helpful?

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