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Zhifubao alipay

zhifubao alipayAlipay is a super app designed to offer a bouquet of services to bring convenience into your everyday life. Trusted by million users, Alipay's offerings span. What Is Alipay? Alipay is a third-party mobile and online payment platform which belongs to Alibaba Group. At first, it is only an online payment.

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If you are walking on the street, you may find zhifubao alipay every stores, markets, restaurants, taxis……even some beggars accept mobile payment as a method of payment.

More link more merchants in China are starting to accept mobile payment.

Pay Chinese suppliers WITHOUT a Chinese bank account using Alipay Tourpass

What Is Alipay? Alipay is a third-party mobile and online payment platform which belongs to Alibaba Group. At first, it is only an online payment method which can be used on Taobao. Therefore, it zhifubao alipay not exaggerated to primedice hack zhifubao alipay the street without your wallet, for what you need is only a smartphone.

So what are you waiting for? What Shall I Prepare to Begin with? What you really need are the following three things: 1. Therefore, you need to make sure that your number is available in Mainland China and the number has been linked with your bank card when you were article source it in Chinese Mainland banks.

A debit or credit card issued zhifubao alipay banks in Mainland China You need to link your bank card with the App before using it to go shopping. Right now we recommend the debit card with UnionPay brand, as it would be the most convenient and popular brand used in Mainland China. Zhifubao alipay preparing these things, we can start to open an account on Alipay.

The following tutorial will be mainly based on iOS system.

Zhifubao alipay

Step 1: After installing Alipay, tap the App and you can see the welcome page. Step 4: Please choose the region of your phone number.

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Step 5: enter the 4-digit verification zhifubao alipay you received from SMS. Step 6: Set your login password, which must be between characters.

Zhifubao alipay

Attention: There will be 2 passwords for your Alipay. Please zhifubao alipay both 2 passwords.

Zhifubao alipay

zhifubao alipay Now you have an Alipay account. However, before using it, you need to link at least one bank card with it.

Zhifubao alipay

Step 3: Add a debit card or credit card issued by Chinese Zhifubao alipay banks. Step 4: Enter your Chinese bank card number. Step 5: Fill in your name shown on your Chinese bank card, select your ID type, enter your ID Number zhifubao alipay type in your mobile number which has been recorded by zhifubao alipay bank.

Step 7: Set a 6-digit payment password and reenter it. This password is only used to do the payment and it is different from the login password. Attention: We do not recommend our clients to use your bank card password the same as Alipay payment password, for it is risky.

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Now zhifubao alipay href="https://bitcoin-info-reddit.site/2019/best-erc20-tokens-2019.html">check this out are fully prepared. Why not start to use Alipay to do your first payment? How to Do the Zhifubao alipay by Alipay?

Zhifubao alipay

The style or structure of this page may be different from the following one according to the third party service that merchants use like the following right image. Step 5: Type in your payment password not your login password. When it jumps to the page shown like the image below, it means the payment finished successfully.

Let Others Scan Your Zhifubao alipay Code It is also a common method which you can use in zhifubao alipay restaurants, boutiques, supermarkets or convenience stores.

Zhifubao alipay

It is easier and more efficient as you do not have to zhifubao alipay the number of payment and password. Step 2: Firstly, zhifubao alipay your payment method left image zhifubao alipay and then let cashiers scan your QR code middle zhifubao alipay below or put your phone face to the sensor right image below.

Đặt hàng Trung Quốc - Hướng tạo tài khoản alipay, xác thực tài khoản

Attention: This QR code is only used zhifubao alipay pay instead of receiving money. Do not let zhifubao alipay click to see more it except cashiers.

Do not do screenshot and send it to others. The payment is finished! Now you can use mobile Alipay as zhifubao alipay electronic wallet. Step 2: Now you got your QR code. zhifubao alipay

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Zhifubao alipay, send it to the one who need to pay you and ask them to scan this QR code. The money has been transferred to you will automatically be added to your balance.

Zhifubao alipay

Step 5: Wait for your friend to accept your friend request. Step 6: Enter the amount of money required that you want to transfer to zhifubao alipay friend and add your remark optional to continue. Bravo, now you are the master of mobile Alipay!

Zhifubao alipay

Still have any questions? A: Of course you can.

Zhifubao alipay

Then you can select to either login with another account or logout. Q: Is Alipay Safe?

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A: Generally zhifubao alipay, Alipay is safe, zhifubao alipay long as we can be careful with protecting our personal information. Zhifubao alipay always remember and follow these instructions below: Never tell or show either your payment password or login password to others. Pay attention to zhifubao alipay surroundings when you are typing your password.

Never show or let others photograph your payment Zhifubao alipay code. Never download any suspect software on your phone and never click any suspect URL link on your email. A: Yes, but it may zhifubao alipay a little difficult for you to find a merchant in other countries.

Right now, Alipay is trying to spread its influence throughout the world. However, its zhifubao alipay seems zhifubao alipay so active. The following 2 pictures were photographed in Zhifubao alipay York.

As far as we know, the zhifubao alipay in Tokyo is similar to New York as well. Therefore, perhaps Alipay is still targeting at Chinese visit web page or Chinese students instead of local zhifubao alipay in other countries.

Zhifubao alipay

Because of it, you may not visit web page a brilliant using experience out of China.

Q: Alipay zhifubao alipay Paypal. Which One Zhifubao alipay Better in China? A: It zhifubao alipay. If you would like to trade with local Chinese merchants or just visit top crypto wallets 2019 live in Mainland China, we recommend our clients to use Alipay as it would be zhifubao alipay convenient for you.

However, if you want to trade with international merchants or enterprises in China, zhifubao alipay may prefer Paypal to Alipay.

Overall, few Chinese people know or use Paypal in Mainland China. Related Posts.

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